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This movie captured the lithium dendrite growth accompany with electrolyte decomposition, Au electrode shows volume expansion, lithium dendritic growth and dissolution occurred on the reacted area with cyclic voltammetry applied.

​This movie shows Na nucleation, growth and dissolution process with voltage switched from negative to positive. We can see Na metal deposition accompany with SEI formation, note that the Na metal have light contrast comparing with dark SEI formed on the edge.

​This movie shows LiF nanosheets growth & dissolution on Ti electrode. We can see the projected area of LiF nanosheet as a function of time during cyclic voltammetry in the voltage range of 4 to - 4 V at a scan rate of 100 mV/s. The selected area electron diffraction (SAED) pattern of the nanosheet confirm it is LiF crystal.

This movie describe the solid electrolyte interphace (SEI) formation, There is obvious thickening of SEI layer in the beginning, in the meantime, the emerged void expands quickly. After the early stage, the SEI layer and void preserve the same shape with no changes.

This movie shows the explosive or volcano eruption during Na deposition on shaped electrode: A successive sodium islands with SEI covered arise over and over again from the substrate, which push the previous island into bulk solution and stack into mountain like Na heap.

This movie shows the nucleation, growth, merging and detachment of LiF nanosheets on Ti electrode. The experimental condition is cyclic voltammetry in the voltage range of 4 to 0 V with a scan rate of 100 mV/s.

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